Our story

Kailo Medical was founded in 2011 by Robert Newman and Bernard Duscher in Melbourne, Australia. Our growing team continues to work passionately towards progressive solutions that will help drive the future of the medical industry. From creating paperless workflows and reducing errors to streamlining reporting and saving valuable time, Kailo is a company defined by collaboration and care.

Our Mission

Better outcomes for all

Our Vision

  • Creating a great company with a culture that attracts exceptional people and collaborative clients.
  • Educating our market so they better understand the challenges they face and the solutions we can provide.
  • Establishing smart partnerships to foster growth.
  • Innovating our product offerings so we can expand into new markets.

Our Values

Kailo Medical believes in results for the long-term:

  • We seek to understand our clients challenges as well, if not better, than they do.
  • So that we can deliver quality that earns our customer’s trust with every touchpoint.
  • We can only do this by bringing all of our different kinds of minds to work together harmoniously.

Provides seamless integration of the measurements that sonographers take

Leadership Team

Bernard Duscher, Co-founder

Beginning his career at a successful Australian Radiology Information System company, Bernard has over twenty years experience in software development, the majority of which has been in the medical imaging space developing for public institutions as well as private radiology clinics. Over the years, he has learned to wear many hats both on the technology and customer service side. He is incredibly comfortable in front of his computer coding key components of the Kailo Medical production offerings as he is on site observing clients and taking feedback that directly affects the evolution of Kailo’s products.

Rob Newman, Co-founder

Robert co-founded Kailo Medical nine years ago with Bernard Duscher and together they have worked passionately to create progressive solutions that will drive the future of the medical industry. With over twenty years experience in medical software development with leading healthcare organisations, Rob is a Kailo Medical co-founder and is the technical genius and principal architect of the core Kailo products. He has the unique ability of continuously identifying workflows in the medical environment that could be significantly improved through the use of carefully designed technology. Once he lays the groundwork, he sets his team up to build and implement his creations and delivers software solutions that are improving every part of medical imaging.

Jessica Wilson, Vice President of North America

Jessica has worked in the medical industry for over twenty years where she focuses on software implementation, training, project management and system integrations. When she landed her first summer job at the University Health Network film library during university, Jessica made it her mission to solve challenges created by the large volume of paper/film files. After graduating, she joined a software startup, then worked on the client side with the two largest radiology groups in Calgary where she helped integrate their community practices into the provincial health record. Now VP North America for Kailo Medical, Jessica helps bring Kailo solutions to clients globally.